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Thanks for accepting me! I’m just now getting into oil painting but it will be quite a while before I post anything on this site so as not to embarrass. Everyone is so talented here I’m humbled and truly impressed.I went through the Language of Drawing with results I never could have imagined and must say “thank you” to Anthony for giving me the ability to pursue a lifelong dream and calling to creating art, now I embark on the journey of painting. I have NEVER played with oil paints before so I’ll give it my best!


Welcome aboard Dan! It is nice to see you back in the trenches of Drawing and Painting. There are many knowledgeable and skilled members here so if you are looking for the “right” info–someone here can most likely provide you with it. I look forward to talking shop again!

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Wow this is an awesome site! I’m finding myself on here all throughout the day and night reading articles and posts learning… learning…learning! Excellent! I’m thrilled about this! I’m going to post my main drawing in the critiques corner and would love genuine feedback on the composition . Thank you

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