Horse commission

Here is a drawing that I was asked to do. Parana was a show jumping horse who, sadly went down while in practice, last month. She ended up being euthanized later that day as there was nothing they could do for her. Such a beautiful horse, I did this drawing in a weeks time; I hope I did her memory justice.
I just took a quick pic of it before it was picked up- wish I could have gotten a picture without the corners and plastic on!


Tracy they are going to love this. I is really fantastic!

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Gorgeous Tracy!!! <3 :horse:

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Thank you so much, Diane! They still haven’t received it, hopefully this week!

Thank you, Anthony!

Great work. If you hadn’t said it was a drawing I would have sworn it was a photo.

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Thanks Craig!!


Wow, :smiley:

Beauty and skill.

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