Drawing-Pastel-Still Life-"Fun and Games" 8x9.5

Hi everyone, here’s another small one. Last night my mom had fever, 100,4. I was so worried and stressed (COVID scares the heck out of me), that I couldn’t sleep so I finished this pastel. I was drawing all night till the sun came up. In the morning my hands were shaky but didn’t stop till it was done (I think it is at least). I hope you like it. I have used Carbothello, Gioconda and Derwent pastel pencils. Support Pastelmat. You all stay safe.


Amazing Irene! Great looking work. Hope your mother is doing alright too, fingers crossed for her.

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Thank you Martin for your lovely comment, I am glad you like it. I had my mom tested for covid and the test was negative, thanks goodness. She’s doing much better today. Thanks for the concern. Very kind of you.


Love it!!! Love the horse, everything looks perfect!!:clap:t2:

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Many thanks!! :relaxed: