“In pursuit of happiness”

“In Pursuit of Happiness”
Oil on board 12”x12”

Here is a painting I did a couple of years ago. The clown looks jovial in the bright colours, but is crying. The head is cracked symbolizing a brokenness within. He is surrounded by the vices that make us happy temporarily, but too much of a good thing only leads to more unhappiness. He is positioned low on the board to signify his diminished state.
I just lucked out in this painting how the stripes on the clothing match the stripes on the crushed beer can!!

Thanks for taking the time to look!


What a fantastic work Tracy! I find the subject matter and the composition to be an excellent manifestation of your intent. On a technical note—the way you communicated the glossy texture of the clown’s head with those few subtle highlights is just stunning. Bravo! :heart:


Thank you Anthony, I’m always so hesitant on showing my work, your comment is encouraging. I still have to learn to soften up a lot more, though. Thanks for the forum and feedback!!

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Wow! Would love to know the secret on making the clown’s hair look so real. Love the face too!


This is so well executed Tracy in drawing skills and surface textures very believable! Makes me sad, as I can feel darkness and a sense of trying to “get up”. You have communicated your intent well​:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you for your kind words, Anthony!!

Thank you, Diane! It was just a stiffer brush laying down a few lighter strokes. Not much, really.

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Thank you so much, Nanci!

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