Wip of Dozer the bulldog

Hi Everyone,

I am finally back to painting! This is for a schokatship ball fundraiser tomorrow night. I put the frame on it an hour ago. I will be on a stage platform during cocktail hour finishing the two front paws on out right as a wip demo . I need to add eyelashes to his head. I ffd not post this gull painting on any social media yet, I thought i would post here first to get oponions. My question is do I need to add more hair strands in the body gesture, weight, anatomy,

and are the values working.
On our upper right is not that chalky light value… it is dark and blurred but im getting glare from my light.


This is SOOOOOOO great Nanci! I absolutely LOVE it! Bravo — <3 <3 <3

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Wow, thank you Tony! That is a great compliment coming from you. I tried something diffetent this time and right before this photoshoot is when i got a text that my mom was in a coma. I almost didnt go, but pushed through it tears and all. So, this is my breakout painting after a hiatus and trying something out of the ordinary.
I think most of the work I see come from Ani is different, so I am hoping I am heading in your direction. Thank you again​:innocent::sparkling_heart::raising_hand_woman:


He’s just awesome!!! Luv luv luv him!!


Thanks Tracey💖

Lovely pose and very well painted!

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Wow, that is crazy good. Nice job. Sorry to hear about your mom, that is terrible.

I thank you so much Mark!