LoD Before Ani Art Academies Application?

Good afternoon!

I am considering applying to Ani Art Academies, but it is unlikely I’ll be able to begin within the next several months. I am free to work at home, however, about three hours a day.

Would it be useful to acquire to the LoD DVDs and begin working with them before applying to AniArt? Or is it best to wait to work with an instructor?

If it is pertinent, I’ll be applying to Red Bank (America) Academy.

Thank you!

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Hi again Sha–

While it is true that many of the people that apply to the Ani Art Academies pick up at least the LoD to familiarize themselves with the program —it is absolutely not necessary. I would just recommend drawing as much as possible so as to build a strong database of questions and issues to be addressed when you do immerse yourself in the curriculum.

Great. Thank you!