Quick question

what should i do along side of the LOD course. should i try a personal project every week like a portrait or landscape?

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Good morning Patrick,

This is a great question. We absolutely encourage artists to keep sketching, doing portraiture, landscape studies, etc…—whatever you enjoy doing. There is no reason to halt any of it unless you suspect that some aspect of the extracurricular activity is reinforcing a problematic practice or is potentially diminishing progress.

We have a number of “enhancer” resources available as well (supplemental material) that dovetails with the curriculum. These include:

Digitally enhanced Bargue works to supplement Shape Replication exercises:


And portrait sketch/Notan exercises:


Please feel free to share any of your extracurricular exercises here on Smartermarx as well. I know for a fact that many love to see others’ endeavors here.


thanks…i have all the study materials i need
ani,drawabox,proko,scott robertson etc i just need to use my sketchbooks starting now :slight_smile:

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can i do lod and lop at the same time :thinking: 2 hours lop and 2 hours lod

The curriculum is designed to run consecutively, so its better to finish LoD first, then move onto LoP. While many exercises are similar in nature, the fluency you will gain from completing LoD will likely mean that LoP will actually take you less time by that stage. You’ll also move faster through LoD if you spend double the time doing that rather than hitting LoP too. All about efficiency. But definitely do paintings and drawings and whatnot and keep your own stuff going alongside.

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I did respond to this but I think it was in a private message. Thank you for answering this nonetheless though Martin! I appreciate it.

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