Long intro & my dark studio setup up for the LoD program

Hello everyone, my name is Richard and I am an oil painter and art teacher. I am from South Africa, and I am currently teaching art at an international school in Shanghai. I started the LoD program a few years back, and worked on and off on the program. But ended up losing the motivation to continue after the Sphere chapter of the program. I really liked the program, but I wasn’t invested in charcoal as medium enough to get motivated to continue the exercises. So, I decided to postpone the rest of it for now, and work on the painting program as I am strictly an oil painter, so I figured I should prioritise finishing the oil painting part instead of dragging my feet with the drawing program. So far, I completed the Origin Destination exercise and the first two pages of the Shape Replication exercise. This is what my dark studio looks like. Excuse the long intro :joy: I look forward to the conversations and critiques of each other’s work and hearing everyone’s ideas around art making in general.


It’s a great intro Richard! It’s wonderful to have you here and I’m very happy that you are sharing insights into your motivations and efforts. I know that the community really appreciates it.

I’m looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you!



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Thank you so much Anthony :smile: