'Love', oil on panel, basswood & silver

Hello Everyone!

Here’s my latest. There was quite a lot involved in this piece. Please check out the video if you are interested.

Video: The Making of the Artwork ‘Love’ by Slade Wheeler

‘Love’, oil on Baltic Birch panel, Northern Wisconsin Basswood & Sterling Silver.

Thanks for looking!


It’s an absolute masterwork. I know that such terms are often tossed around loosely—but this is a true, apt assignment of the label. Bravo Slade!! Bravo! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Anthony, I can’t even begin to tell you how much that means coming from you. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!!!

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amazing idea and workmanship, i love how tactile it is, before I saw the video I was like, is the frame painted and maybe the contents are real, then when watching - is that snake painted too, it is, no, no it isn’t. spectacular, and awesome to see from different angles, so good, you are breaking the 4th wall of art here!

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Thank you so much Martin!

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This is beyond spectacular; the carving is so beautiful, and the trompe-l’oel is amazing!! And then the silversmithing really crowns the whole piece- it’s so mind blowing!!! I hope someone pays you big bucks for it and then puts it into a museum where the public can see it!:heart::clap:t2: