New alla prima work

usually in between longer and more detailed work I do smaller and faster alla prima studies from live setup and without photos. It is a very different way of working, bigger brushes and very refreshing here are a few from last couple of weeks here you can see more


These are wonderful Zoran! I too enjoy alla prima works between more invested works. It’s a great way to spruce up some skills we might not be using as much with other work. Thank you for sharing here!


Thanks Anthony , great forum lots of useful discussion here, have a nice weekend all

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Hey Zoran,

Nice job! Alla prima is great! Love the neutral green you are using. Looks like chromium oxide green?

yes Nanci thanks, I use chromoxide, permanent light green and terra verte from old holland, lots of times for nature greens I also mix yellows and ochres with blues and blacks to get nice green
this day for orchid painting was very overcast and dark and I have asian rice paper on window so its all diffuse

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I never tried the Asian rice paper. Great idea! I have a soft box, so I used take off the white diffuser when I need to get the soft shadows when I did a still life…which I haven’t done in a long time. Overdue!

yes I always put those on where we live since student days , its cheap looks nice and clean and also disperses light nicely I glue some wood stick from model building shop on the end for weight and it works nicely