New Product Label On Liquitex Acrylic Gesso Bottle

Just a heads up for anyone ordering Liquitex acrylic gesso, they have changed the label on the bottle. It now says “acrylic mediums” for some reason. I called up the phone number on the back of the bottle and they said it is the same product and formula as before. Pictured below is the new label on the left vs the old one on the right.


Thanks for the info, seeing ‘acrylic medium’ on there would have made me question whether it was the right stuff.

I suppose it is technically a modern gesso substitute (as is 99% of all nowadays “gesso” ), and really they are just being more accurate with their naming conventions:- so in a traditional formula gesso is generally calcium carbonate and rabbit skin glue, but this old school approach isn’t as easy to manufacture/store in quantity and also isn’t as flexible - which means on stretched canvas (or any non-rigid) support; the old style gesso is more inclined to crack or delaminate. And you have to kill more bunny rabbits… :rabbit: :hole: :bomb:

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Killing bunny rabbits isn’t the problem :grimacing:, the label is. I’m glad to see they have improved the label so much that if you are visioned impaired you will never find it. I was staring at the label for 20-30 secs and was in the processing of assuming they had replaced “Gesso” with “acrylic mediums” when at the last second as I was looking away I finally noticed text. Whilst I can if I struggle enough, see the text, reading it is extremely difficult.

Thats my rant anyway :grin:. Thanks for posting, it’s good to know.

Good to know Kev!!! Thank you.