Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (09-04-2022)

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The unthinkable happened to Natalie Featherston - one of her 3D panel paintings (Rocket Ray Gun, 14x11x2", Oil on 3D Panel) was damaged during shipping. All artists dread this happening, but it does happen, and that is where art restorationists and conservationists come in and save the day! Natalie’s painting was packed into cardboard without a buffer, which resulted in striations all over the sides and the front of the piece from the cardboard imprint. (see images below). A “magician” by the name of Mark Greenberg was able to soften the varnish and buff out the marks without stripping the painting and applied a mist coat of Liquitex Soluvar varnish on top that matched perfectly. Mark Greenberg works as a full-time paintings conservator for an active studio that services the highest end of the trade. His studio works for the top galleries, dealers, collectors, and auction houses in New York and abroad. He also works on freelance projects and enjoys solving vexing technical problems using modern reversible methods. For more on Mark, please follow this LINK.

Congratulations to Dennis Delomba! His triptych artwork (consisting of three large drawings) is currently on display at Providence Art Club, RI, as a part of the 2022 Fall Members Exhibition.

Thank you, Jamie Lindholm, for sharing an article after the discussion regarding using food-grade oils as a medium. Here is a LINK to the University of Delaware’s MITRA forum (Materials Information &
Technical Resources for Artists) questioning the use of grocery store oils as a medium.

To follow up on artist materials “guru” resources, please check out: the Natural Pigments website. The founders’ mission is to provide the largest variety of natural pigments, paints, and other professional artists’ supplies, enabling them to bring a selection that makes it easy to shop for rare and hard-to-find art materials.
Other resources are:
Artist Forum
Just Paint

Varnishes mentioned this week:
Regalrez Varnish: Gamvar Version and Natural Pigments Version

The topic of AI Image Generators came up again this past session. To know more, check out the Smartermax article: No, AI Image Generators are not a Threat to the Arts.
There are a lot of AI Image Generator software available, below are just a few:
Stable Diffusion
Dream by Wombo

Books mentioned this past session:
How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom
How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker

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