French cleats, Belgian linen and gesso

Hi, wish you all the best 2021 wasn’t active here much still getting new studio and house and garden ready.
This is happening today and this week:
French cleats done, Belgian linen cut to size, wooden panel boards finished and glue is soaking :slight_smile: . I am getting all ready to prime them with gesso this week. Wish you all the best



Awesome! Using French cleats is a great idea. Is this just for work in your studio or do you also hang them using this system once they’re finished? I imagine you can simply secure a wooden horizontal to the wall with a 45 degree chamfer at the appropriate height and you’re good to go, it’d be a lot stronger than a screw or nail for heavier/larger paintings.

I’ve actually got some of those twin slot uprights, they would certainly make a very space saving wall-mounted easel, so I may well investigate the possibilities of these. Thanks a lot for posting and all the best in 2021 Zoran!

yes Martin you got it all right. Its for work but they also make great simple and cheap system to hang heavier things like kitchen cabinets shelves etc… And yes I was thinking a lot on how to avoid buying big sturdy studio easel and some are always shaky and unstable( I hate clunky surface and setup when I paint). Then I saw how Robert Bechtel and Richard Estes have it setup in documentaries on youtube and I did my own version of it. I am sure I will run to some problems and fixes along the way but hopefully in a week or so I will have all primed and ready for new year. Greetings Zoran

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