New Year's Party Art Discussion Talking Points. LOL!

Here are a few talking point suggestions for those New Year’s Eve party “art discussions.”!

  1. All representational drawing and painting is from memory.

  2. If the Old Masters really had legitimate “secrets”, no one today would know what they were.

  3. Color is not a property of the environment.

  4. Mixing colors is physically impossible.

  5. A good deal of the oldest known “painting” involved tracing and stencils.

  6. What we understand colloquially (and functionally) as “art” is not limited to humans. It is also found among other species like Japanese Pufferfish, Bower Birds, and Bengalese Finches.

  7. The left-right/logical-creative brain divide is a myth.

  8. “Mindless copying” is not possible within a representational endeavor.

  9. The rule of thirds came from a guy that thought it was cool that a Rembrandt painting he liked consisted of 2/3rds shadow. It had absolutely nothing to do with points along intersecting lines.

  10. Images do not exist independent of a mind.


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