Pocket Tv, 8x10 inches, oil on aluminum panel

On this painting I wanted to challenge myself with painting a vintage pocket tv that were so popular in the late 80´s early 90’s. I changed the Sony brand to Rotceh…which is my middle name Hector spelled backwards. I also wanted to paint a very small self portrait…I also got to be the star of my own adventure movie! :grinning:


That is cool! I recently tried painting that small. Harder than painting big as your placement and steadiness of hand has to be to spot on!

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Thank Nanci France! Yes, it´s so hard to be able to paint so many tiny details this small…it´s a challenge that always tests your patience and technical skills to the maximum. I tried to paint a very tiny detail like the corners of the mouth without much success…one tiny slip and I was already painting an unwanted stroke that I had to get rid of it.

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Really neat concept! Great job Jose!

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I´m so honored to know you´ve liked it, Leah! Thank you for you kind comments.

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Yup don’t I know that one!!! Try being middle aged and doing it :joy:

So true! :sweat::grinning:

Clever and original concept!


Thank you, Sandra!! I´m glad to know you´ve like it!!

Very cool concept and content!

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Thank you John!!!