Practice Hack #1 with Custom Printable

This is a follow up to Anthony’s Post: Practice Hacks 8 by Noa Kageyama, Ph.D

Practice Hack #1: Learn more in less time by practicing at the right time of day.

…we can learn a lot more effectively and make a lot more progress (and be less frustrated) if we practice at times when our minds and bodies are naturally more alert and focused.

The author suggests creating an energy log to determine when you are at your most effective. I’ve created a custom hourly calendar for this purpose: EnergyLevelHourlyCalendar.pdf (57.1 KB)

Print the calendar and keep track of your energy levels for a week.

Based on this chart, try to schedule practice time during your peak energy hours, and schedule grunt work, naps, chores, or exercise for those times when you don’t have the energy to really concentrate and practice effectively.

I’ve been tracking my hours for the past 4 days and I’ve already noticed a pattern. I’m curious to hear about your results!