Question on Color

(Mark Oberfest) #1

Firstly I just realized I am using ivory black as opposed to Lamp black (which I just ordered on amazon). Is there a major difference. What I am also curious about is if I am painting a lemon or pear, Would I still start with black in the shadow and use yellow or green to blend into the transition. In the shadow of these fruits when I look at my reference photos it doesn’t seem like it would naturally blend with black. in a green pear the shadow looks more to me like a dark brown. Or is it a matter of putting down the black and then gently working lighter colors over it?

sometimes I read that people frown on using black to blend shadows but I am blocking all of that out as I know this program is proven to create amazing results. beyond anything I have ever seen from others.

I wasn’t sure if the exercises that I have been doing in transitioning colors to black were just to keeps things consistent in practice. Is it applicable to actually paintings that we may be doing on the side of these exercises. (strictly speaking transitioning colors to black in the shadows of things like fruit or other items).

As always no rush to respond to this. appreciate any help. incredible community you have created. happy to be part of it.