Rembrandt, 11x14 inches, oil on panel

This was my most ambitious painting that I painted in 2021. The Rembrandt copy of one of his self portrait is the same size as the original. This small self portrait was painted on copper and as a coincidence Rembrandt´s paint brand has a copper color which I bought to use as a model for this piece. On The tape above it reads in dutch that this particular self portrait painting was painted in 1630, its measurements are 12.2 x 15.5 centimeters, oil on copper. On the bottom tape it reads Rembrandt Van Rijn(1606-1669). The brush is also from Rembrandt´s brand and together with the paint tube that is sitting over two nails frames the composition very nice nicely. It´s a Rembrand Rembrandt!


Another stunner Jose! I love those shadows off of the nail. They really push the tube and nails far forward. Bravo!!!

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Thank you, Anthony! I appreciate your kind and motivating comments!

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