Smartermarx Language Translation

As we continue to find our collective of artists growing—there has been increased requests to have Smartermarx translated into a multitude of languages. Recently, I have enabled an “interface translation” option on the platform, but this ONLY addresses the interface (categories, system text, etc.) and not the content of the posts. I have also found a plugin that would seem to allow for individual post translation-however, this option must be paired with a service that can be costly.

The solution that I find works best is the translation function that is built into the Google Chrome Browser. I am not sure if the most current version of the browser comes with the Google Translate app pre-installed, but if it doesn’t you can download it here:

Google even has a comprehensive support section if you would like to learn all about the potential of this powerful translation app here:

To use Google Chrome (w/Translate) with Smartermarx just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and Navigate to the Smartermarx site. (Sign-in if necessary)

  2. Next, opposite click anywhere on the Smartermarx homepage (that is not a clickable link) and a drop-down menu should open.

One of the options of the drop-down menu will be “Translate to (default language*).” *The default language will be whatever you have your browser set to."

  1. Click the “Translate to (default language)” option.

  2. You will then see this dialog box appear in the upper right. Within this box you will see a highlighted default language and an icon consisting of three vertical dots in a grey circle.


  1. Right-click on the 3-dots icon and a new drop-down menu should appear with a “Choose another language option.


  1. Right-click on the down arrow next to the default translation language and a new drop-down menu of available languages should appear:

  1. Click on your language of choice. The drop-down of available languages will then disappear. Hit the Translate button below the language choice dialog box and you should see Smartermarx instantly translated. Note—the site will remain translated as you navigate. When you leave the site, the language will revert to your default. Also, if you would like to choose a different language after one translation, the “Translate to” option will be unavailable (ghosted.) You will need to reload the page to make the option available again.

Smartermarx in Arabic.

Smartermarx in Thai.

You can visit the Google support resources listed above to learn about more options available through Google Chrome Translate. I would also like to be clear that I cannot speak to the success of the translations. Online translators can sometimes be s bit clunky so if you can, please let us know how Google Chrome Translate is working for you.

Lastly, the Google Translate extensions for Firefox did not work for me in this regard. It just reloaded the page to a blank screen. I’m not sure if Google Translate plug-ins and extensions work with other browsers so please share your experiences with us if you try any of them out.

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