Some Students Don't Get It

I’d love some feedback on HOW to get my drawing students focused on getting through pressure scales and taking it to the next level. I’m using much of what I’ve learned from the LoD but can’t seem to express the seriousness of how important the exercises are in order to move on in the program. I get 6-8 students everytime for sign up at my local arts center and while they love the idea of it being a “more formal and serious” course it’s hit or miss if they do any of the exercises during the week. I remember while working with Rodney at the Waichulus studio in PA. how focused I was and how much I wanted to learn and get better. I did pages of pressure scales and wanted to nail them! I’ve explained to my students how necessary and valuable it is to progress, shown them amazing drawings from other students, gave demonstrations, etc… They love what they see and also give me good evaluations but they don’t want to put the work in. I’m losing my desire to teach them. HELP!!