Star Wars Visions: Original Sketch for Young Leia

Here is the original sketch for “Young Leia”, a work that was created for the Star Wars Visions Project.

About the work: (from the original proposal submitted with the sketch): This portrait of a young Leia Organa is coupled with a letter or journal entry that may have been written by any one of Leia early care takers or perhaps even her adoptive mother herself. The letter, written in the Galactic Basic (Aurebesh), translates:

"She continues to speak of the dreams that haunt her. Alone and scared, surrounded by oceans of sand. I fear that these dreams may one day lead to questions…

Questions that we may one day have to answer…She remains safe in our charge"

This implies that even though Luke and Leia are light years apart, they are still closely linked through their innate abilities with the force—perhaps amplified by the fact they are twins. With a little investigation, the concept of twins can be seen reverberating throughout the piece…

Additionally, subtle clues can be discovered that hint at Leia’s future. For example, the portrait of young Leia surrounded by the towering structures of Alderann echoes the symbol the Rebel Alliance.

After the book was published I was elated to see that the work was soon adopted into official Star Wars cannon:

In 2013, the picture Young Leia by Anthony J. Waichulis, which mentions the princess’ dreams of being “surrounded by oceans of sand,” was referenced in the fifth issue of the Official Star Wars Fact File remake series, thus elevating this particular image to unambiguous canonicity. -Wookieepeidia, The Star Wars Wiki


This whole project was so exciting! So happy for you. :relaxed:


I love the concept of this Anthony…wish I could have seen the original. Charocal???

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Thanks Nanci! The concept sketches that I do like this are almost always graphite as I often use low-tooth (smooth) paper.


Wow! That was amazingly geeky! Reminded me of Sheldon, Kuthrapalli, Wallowitz, and Leonard speaking Klingon. So you speak Aurebesh? Have you found it to be greatly enriching to be bilingual? ; ) Beautiful sketch of Leia.


Ha ha ha! I wish I did! I used a computer to translate— :smiley:


Love smooth paper:-) I love t h Saunders hot press 90lb. Great for drawing and has a little tooth.