Studio Furniture for Lumbar problems

Hi all,

I am finally remembering to post this. sorry it took so long. After getting herniated discs and spinal stenosis as a result of standing all day painting and putting my palette in front of me!

After telling me I need a walker and oxycodone for this condition, I decided to go on a mission and tell them to pail their drugs and come up with a solution. Due to repetitive actions of drawing and painting for hours a day, anyone can develop cervical and lumbar issues, that can result in what I have…lots of pain and herniated discs! I ordered a fantastic lumbar chair that has adjustable height and on locking wheels. here is the link for that!

I then purchased a laptop stand for my glass palette…my back pain is subsiding!!!

For my Imac, a friend gave me his prayer bench…takes allot of pressue off the back and corrects the posture of spine while on a computer.


Thank you so much for this Nanci!!!

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You know my back problem and this has really helped aside from Bone Broth Collagen, msm, milk thistle, and turneric with cumin. I do a whole cocktail to avoid taking pain killers! If anyone is interested, I can suggest what i do everyday as a painter. We do repetitive actions which result in problems with tendons, back, arthritis from repeated actions. None of the 30 year olds will get it til they are over 45 lol!

Listen for free on youtube…Dr John E Bergman in any category,. He is a genius and dr John E Sarno, Helaing back pain book helped Howard Stern. I can share a link if any painters are interested!


Thanks Nanci for the info.

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