The Art Gallery is Dead . . . Long Live the Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is Dead . . . Long Live the Art Gallery
by Jason Horejs November 13, 2017 40 Posted on Red Dot Blog



"Over the last several weeks, I’ve had several of you send me links to articles that decry the end of the gallery system. It seems like these articles come around every few years. Though each of the articles came at the question from different angles, the points can be summarized as:

Art galleries are dead because now artists can access buyers directly on the internet

Art galleries are dead because they are too greedy and dishonest and aren’t treating artists well

Bricks and mortar art galleries are dead because the online sales of art are increasing.

"To some extent, I realize that all of these points are true, at least to a degree. One has only to survey the gallery market to see that many galleries that were thriving ten to fifteen years are no longer around. The poor economy from 2008-2011 certainly played a larger role in this, but it’s also clear that more and more art sales are shifting to the internet. It’s always hard to get any kind of well-documented industry figures, but I’ve seen Xanadu’s online sales grow significantly over the last ten years to a point where online sales make up about 15% of total revenue." - Jason Horejs