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Peace Within
Oil on Dibond

I just completed the top and merged the yoga pattern into her top. My sister is a very quiet lady with a soft spoken voice, definitely my opposite lol. I was afraid of that light background with the pastel colors that are Palm Springs or key west feeling… but that about describes her house and her! This was quite a challenge as it was shot in a tent outdoors and the top was plain no pattern. It’s all imaginative from a textile pattern I saw!
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I’m ready to sign it but wondering if the background and top should be toned down???! I am wondering if the planes of forward and backward space and depth are too merged? Does it need more depth? IMG_5509|333x500


Another gorgeous piece Nanci (and a great question that I receive often!) The issue of “ideal depth” is at the sole discretion of the artist. There is no standard of depth required unless outside of what may be necessary to successfully communicate the subject . Overall I think it looks great— :smiley:

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Thanks for that Tony!

I often wonder the 3D vs 2D. When I was a 3D animator, I always loved the 3D model against a scenic matte backdrop. Matte painters are called in to do that. Sometimes to give depth and sometimes not.
I think I get concerned as it’s a pattern from my past. My foundation instructor, who was a mentor, would quite often critique me by saying I need to get depth in my background. I always responded by saying that I love the quality of modernism and design with classical/contemporary subjects.

Your response is one of openness, so thank you. I think I’m asking because I’m starting another one and in this instance I do want depth. Hope I can pull it off:-)

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Hi Nanci, I think it’s beautiful! The dark hair and skin really capture attention. The colors of the dress and background emphasize her femininity and serenity.

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thx Barbara:)) I really appreciate your comment. It was great meeting you! Great little painting you had going. I am trying to finish my cupcake today!

I really like this portrait. The face and the hands pop (capture my eye). Initially I was unsure about the chromatic glow as the hair transitions to the background, but after sitting with the piece and imagining a more neutral transition, I think the higher chroma is a great solution. It adds to the life/vibrancy of the piece, and, from what you’re saying, is reflective of her personality. Very nice job!

My only thing for thought: There is a place below her elbow where the pattern of the dress and background line up and form a banana shape together (sorry, but a drawing instructor had us drawing fruit recently, so I’m seeing it that way). I’m not sure if this alignment was intentional, and I don’t know if the alignment helps tie the two together better or if it breaks up the depth too much. I can’t tell. Strong painting either way! She looks very alive.

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Also, great job on the foreshortening on her left hand! And I like the chroma/contrast of the dress and background as is. No need to tone down in my view.

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Thank for your comments John. I much appreciate them::slight_smile:

That was a big dilemma as the original elbow was extremely foreshortened in the top. What I did was extend it down for the lower arm in Photoshop using content aware tool and the perspective tool. I then used my own elbow as a reference to make it better. It is the angle of her body and the tent top that made that shape. I changed it allot but nothing worked. My sister is very thin and has that shape to her elbow when it’s bent so I tried not to play it up and kept the edges blurry and low contrast to take the viewers attention off that area. I played up her hands to do that:slight_smile:.
I am going to have to watch that for my next reference shot. Hard getting it all to work when it’s figures from photography. I like painting from life better but don’t get the immediacy photography gives you.
Thank you again John for your eye and well thought out comments.