Trump L'oeil

Finished with my first currency painting, “Trump L’oeil”, 8"x8", oil on panel. Huge thank you to Anthony for your mentorship, critique, and for generously answering my various questions. I learned a lot in making this painting. I hope you enjoy.


Again, a HUGE congratulations on this John. You really hit this out of the park. I am thrilled to see you bring this level of performance to your first Trompe L’oeil piece. Here’s to many more my friend!


Look at this guy hammin it up! LOL!


Nice work John. I am amazed by the level of detail. Did you use a magnifying glass to paint this?

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Absolutely. Presbyopia forces that on me. That being said, there’s a downside to magifiers if you aren’t careful.

Pre-critique, smiles. Post-critique, I was a sobbing inconsolable mess.

I kid. Anthony gave me some great suggestions that made the piece stronger and read as more dimensional. Fantastic critique.

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Wow, great skills, a fabulous piece!!

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Thanks Tracy!

Thanks. And if I may ask, what kind of “magnifier” do you use, or is it just glasses?


It depends upon the level of magnification I need. I try not to use magnifiers unless I have to, and I try to use the lowest power needed. So my tiers are:

  1. Naked eye
  2. Reading glasses
  3. Magnifiers (they have different lenses you can put in as well as an LED light; there are several sellers on Amazon selling basically the same product; below is just one example) Headband Mount Magnifier LED Illuminated Head Magnifying Glass Jeweler’s Loupe Light Bracket Interchangeable…
Buy Headband Mount Magnifier LED Illuminated Head Magnifying Glass Jeweler’s Loupe Light Bracket Interchangeable 5 Replaceable Lenses:1.0X/1.5X/2.0X/2.5X/3.5X: Magnifying Tools - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible…

I hope that helps!


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Thanks John!


Mark I should have shared this original image of John with his other painting glasses on… :laughing:


I just noticed the name!!! What a spectacular piece of work John!

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That will become my Facebook profile picture at some point. Lol. I think it is hilarious. I hope you don’t mind if we tease back with images.

Thanks Diane!

I’d be highly disappointed if you didn’t John! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good. I’ve had one from a while back, but I didn’t know if you were sensitive.

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This is a stunning piece, John. I feel fortunate that I was able to see it “in person”. I’m not sure I’ll ever reach this level, I’m too impatient.


I want to see the teasing picture of Tony. Post it please.