A. Waichulis: Treasure Hunters WIP images

Here are a few images of the journey of a recent shadowbox piece, Treasure Hunters. I hope that you enjoy them:

Treasure Hunters, 7x5", Oil on Panel


Wow, that’s so fantastic to see the work in progress!!! Phenomenal piece!!


It’s always enjoyable to study your art, Anthony. Not only the image, but as much the little stories hidden in them :+1:

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I just love how you step by step bring each thing you are working on in your paintings to a finish! My tbumbs and eyes would get burned out! Astonishing each time you post! I use magnavision glasses to do detail. How is the maginfier glass different Tony?

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I’m not very familiar with magnavision glasses. The magnifier that is shown here is just your run-of-the-mill piece. I have attached it to a Pro’sKit 900-015 Helping Hands Soldering Aid and it works great for me.

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Hey Anthony! I’m curious how you position the magnifier. In other words, is it attached to your easel or board somehow, and how do you move it around?

Hey Tim,

I don’t use the magnifier when I am at the easel—only when I am drawing in very complex subjects at my drafting table (actually a small raised podium attached to my drafting table.) If I were to use on at the easel I would most likely use a Manfrotto 244 Variable Friction Magic Arm with a clamp. That’s what I use for my easel and I love it.

Here is how my magnifier w/Pro’sKit 900-015 Helping Hands stand sits on my drafting table. (the weighted base and spherical leg end can sit on an angled panel like this no problem.)

Awesome—thanks for the info, Anthony!

Just seeing this Tony. Magnavision are reading glasses for us over 45 peeps lol

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