Ventrone- Copy

Hey everyone,
this is a copy of ‘Sopra il Canneto’, originally by late Luciano Ventrone from 2014-2018 (?). Two years ago, I had stumbled across his body of work serendipitously and lacking the financial funds to purchase an original, I decided to try my hand at recreating this piece. It is one of my first completed works in oils. So much for the background story on this one.
I would like to receive feedback on my overall technique as it was my goal to be as representational as possible. In addition, I want to keep the range of solicited feedback broad, according to the spirit of ‘If you see something, say something’. Please disregard my lack of experience and be as brutally honest as you would be with a truly seasoned ‘oiled out’ veteran :wink:
Thank you all for taking the time, it is very much appreciated!


Hey Jimbot. First off, welcome! This piece is very incredible. Love the colours, composition and the textures. Does not look like it was an easy task!

If I was to offer any critique it would be that the front 3 grapes seem like they could cast a bit of a shadow on the basket. Which could very well just be an opinion rather than an accurate critique. Again, beautifully seen and executed!


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Thank you so much for your critique and you kind words! It is true, those really float weightlessly in front of the basket and I am going to add some shadows to it. :slight_smile:

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Hey Jimbot!

Welcome aboard, my friend! First off, I’d like to say that you did a wonderful job overall. I would also like to thank you for sharing a tangible target for comparison along with your request for feedback. All too often, artists put forward work on social media with a “what do you think(esque)?” caption that opens a door to more subjective personal preference than anything else.

Here though, with a target to see, the best feedback I can offer is not to be afraid to push the appropriate values/colors dark enough. Often, artists with less experience have their work light shifted as such a range often seems more “amenable” to change. In addition, less experienced artists tend to augment or amplify components without keeping the “whole” in mind. For example, I often see artists light-shifting reflected lights and shadow information only to find the overall subject appearing less voluminous and more stylistically illustrative. Keep this in mind for your next work!

Here’s a closeup of yours with a value structure closer to the original added to the middle grape:


That’s quite a bit darker no? Again, just something to keep in mind.

Again though—overall awesome job! Incredible drawing as well!!!
Looking forward to seeing more,



Thank you so much for your detailed critique! The juxtaposition of my version and the original really highlight, how much darker I should have gone. I will use that as a guiding technique during the process in the future. It also gave me an idea why another small painting (also a Ventrone copy) seemed to work ‘better’ despite its reduced level of surface texture and detail.

The original is called ‘Easter Flavor’ (2012).
So to recap:
Everything under the sun will cast a shadow and reality is allowed to be gloomy. :slight_smile:
Again, thank you guys for taking the time and helping me!


My pleasure Jimbot. And wow!!! You’re really killing it! :smile:

Welcome, Jimbot! You slay!

Thank you :slight_smile: that’s really kind of you @ Orlando :slight_smile:
As always I am late to the game and perfectly in keeping with this pattern, I just recently discovered how much Alla prima can be. I am in the process of creating three little Christmas gifts for my colleagues and the first one has been to framed already. This one is a copy/ study(?) of ‘Quiete’ by Ventrone. Don’t worry, this will be the last copy I will post. In the future I feel properly prepared to try my hand at some original intellectual property. :wink:

This one is oil on paper.


With you included; I am just so happy I have finally found “my people”. :blush:

■■■■!!! That’s a beauty Jimbot~~~~ :smiley:

Thank you guys for the positive comments! I hope all of you (y’all :wink: )had great holidays!

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