W is for Windmill, pastel on Pastelmat, 11x14"

This is my newest. The background colors are a bit off I think. With my iPhone colors are better but the quality of the photo is not . This photo is with my camera.

Well, since I am stuck at home during COVID19 I create as much as I can. I am not going out often cause of my lung issues I won’t survive if I catch it. Stay healthy my fellow artists, wash hands, don’t touch your face.


beautiful, love the transparency in the shadows - stay safe Irene!

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Thank you Martin!! :blush:

Beautiful Irene!!! :heart:

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Ooooh, look… Jelly Beans… they are Jelly Beans right??? :grin:

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Thank you Anthony! I appreciate your comment.

Yes!! :slight_smile:

Love it!! Great work on all the different textures and glassware!!!:heart::heart: Stay healthy!!!

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Thank you Tracy! You too. :heart:

Terrific painting Irene! So well painted and love the color scheme!

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Thank you Nanci for the lovely comment! So much appreciated!