What scanner for scanning Bargue copies?


I have the Bargue book, and I’m wanting to make high-quality scans of some of the plates.
I don’t have a scanner, but I would like to buy one if I can feel confident that I will be able to get scans of the quality I want.

These are the scanners I’m looking at:

I’m hoping to get scans of similar quality (or better) as the Bargue Plate Shape Replication Adaptations from this page, or the copies on this page.

Can anyone provide any guidance or advice?



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Hey Simon!

Epson scanners, in my humble opinion, are really the way to go. Time and again our Epson perfection v600 has proven to outperform other (Canon’s specifically) models.

Here are the specs for our v600 so you can compare them with others on your list:

Specifications Scanner:

Scanner Type: Flatbed color image scanner Optical Resolution: 6400 dpi Hardware Resolution: 6400 x 9600 dpi Maximum Resolution: 12,800 x 12,800 dpi Color Bit Depth: 48-bits per pixel internal / external Grayscale Bit Depth: 16-bits per pixel internal / external Effective Pixels: 54,400 x 74,880 (6400 dpi) Maximum Scan Area:

  • 8.5" x 11.7"
  • TPU: 2.7" x 9.5"

Light Source: ReadyScan® LED technology Scanning Speed:

  • High-speed mode: 6400 dpi
  • Color: 21.00 msec / line
  • Monochrome: 21.00 msec / line

Optical Density: 3.4 Dmax

Transparency Adapter:

Supported Film Size:

  • 35 mm mounted slides (4 frames)
  • 35 mm film strips (12 frames)
  • Medium format strips 6x22 cm (2 frames)

Type: Built-in lid Dust/Scratch Removal: Digital ICE for Film Transparency Size: 2.7" x 9.5"

Let me know which one you choose!

Thanks for the reply, Anthony!

I checked out some photography forums, and the consensus there also was that Epson was the way to go… and that the V600 in particular was a good balance between price/capabilities.

I ended up buying the Japanese equivalent of the V600 in the end. Should arrive tomorrow, then I can get to choosing/scanning/printing my next Bargue…!!

I’m also hoping to use it to scan some master drawings to make copies of as well!


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Just out of curiosity, does the archive copy quality suffice?


Awesome! Let me know how it works for you-- :smiley: