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I’m going to print a large image with size 93 cm. By 62 cm., i was lucky to find a website which has resized this image to this size that I want and which fits the canvas that I want to paint, because I want to print it to the exact size of canvas and because I have a small home epson printer, I have to split the image to multiple pieces which would be printed on A4 glossy papers, but I can’t find a way to split the image pieces or grid it to this size (A4).
I currently don’t have photoshop nor a tablet or laptop and the image can’t be opened by photo pea website, obviously because it’s large,so the website gives me error message. Anyone please has some ideas how to print the image to the pieces of size A4 so that I don’t have to paint from a smaller or larger pieces of the image when I print it because I want to paint it sight size when painting part by part? Thanks

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Hey Yasser! I have someone with a great deal of experience in imaging tech that I can ask to see what other options might be available to you. I know a few different ways that one can do this in Photoshop, but as you state, this is of no help to you.

Is there any way you can convert it to a PDF? (I’d think there are some kind of online conversion tools.) I ask as the other way that quickly comes to mind is to poster print it with Acrobat. However, it would have to be in PDF format.

I’ll let you know if I can figure out or find out anything else.

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Thank you Anthony, yes I found online advice about converting it to pdf then the website would (tile) the image to multiple tiles of pages in the pdf, the website is named “” (terrific or terrible name though? :smirk::joy:)

The issue with the website is that the image file is limited to 20 MB, and i can’t figure out if the tiles divided are really A4 size with relation to the size of the image (which i was able to resize it exactly to the size of canvas, 9362 cm.) so, i thought that to divide it to multiple tiles of A4 size would help to print it in the printer withonly slight change in the size of canvas 9362 cm…

I know that you make small sized paintings on panels but I’m also curious to know how you print your reference photos to the exact size you want to paint (I have an idea that you paint sight size from reference??)
I personally found that I’m comfortable with painting from reference photos that are same size as would be intended on canvas.
Another issue is how to upload an avatar photo to my profile, i tried uploading photo but it didn’t appear with my profile above or when commenting or posting.

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I understand. And yes, most of the time I am painting sight-size when using photographs as reference

Do you have Adobe Acrobat? I can turn the image into a PDF for you (using Dropbox if the file is big.) With Acrobat you can custom poster print (ensuring it is exactly the way you want.

If you want to do it this way, just put the image in a Dropbox folder and share it with me via

In the meantime, I’ll keep checking on it.

Hi Anthony,
Could you include how to do this cutting of an image into proper pieces in order to print out to the size of a canvas in photoshop to your “Photoshop for For Old Farts who don’t have a Nephew (or grand Nephew) to Show them How” workshop?

The quickest (and probably sloppiest) way is to just print full size and manually shift the image in the print preview window. However, the way that most people do this, as I understand it, is to use slice/divide. Here is a great walkthrough of that process:

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WOA! Thank you!!! I hate taking your time, so thank you so much!!!

I love how slow he talks!!! lol!!

I owe ya!