WIP Engineered Indictment

I thought I’d post something. This is a collage of images of an 11x14 oil painting on panel I am calling “Engineered Indictment.” This is the first painting (or drawing) I have attempted since I graduated high school nine years ago. I have learned a lot since starting this and feel I have made large improvements from the first to the last image. I made the mistake of drawing dark and not lightening up the sketch. I decided that I didn’t like the white background with the lid of the box also being white, so I started to lay in the grey. I am currently sharpening up edges as I add layers. I will post more images soon.


WOW! First since high school? That’s pretty crazy. I think it is coming along great. The train is sitting in there quite nicely and you really did a GREAT job drawing in the bottle cap in perspective. I look forward to seeing this “evolve-to-resolve.” :slight_smile:

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