WIP Peace Within

The start layer of a new painting of my sister. She is one of the most peaceful ladies filled with love and light. She practices yoga so I wanted a certain feeling of far away and a moment of a passing thought of peacefulness. It was shot outside in her tent on a beige background. I elongated the top from hips down and then I created a zen line 60’s-70’s background. We were little kids growing up then. The top was plain aqua. I’m swirling part of background into her top…and so Peace Within. Still have allot to go yet. Tomorrow is the patterned too!


A wonderful start Nanci!!! Thank you for sharing here.

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Thank you Tony…it’s a tough one as I didn’t have a drawing on the dress or background. I should have drawn it in but I wanted to practice my shapes and scale freehand:-). I’m tortured :joy:

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