16 Week Semester Classroom Adaptations of LoD/LoP

LoD/LoP Material Dynamics: Material Dynamics

Language of Drawing Adaptation: Drawing I I Drawing II

Language of Painting Adaptation: Oil Painting I I Oil Painting II

LoD/LoP Figure/Portrait Adaptation: Portrait/Figure I I Portrait/Figure II


Can you explain the 3+ curve origination destination exercise? I don’t have that one listed in my language of drawing set. Maybe something newer you added later?

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Hi Steven,

The 3(+) point exercises is not included in our general Language of Drawing, but it is an adaptation of the origin/destination exercise for curricula that may place more importance on curvilinear delineation than we do. In different adaptations of our baseline curriculum, you will find some custom variations, strengtheners, enhancers, etc. that may serve a student better within their overall course of study.

The exercise works just like the origin/destination exercise but connects 3 or more dots that cannot be connected by a single straight line. The practitioner is specifically to use a curvilinear line. As you might suspect, variation in the curves decreases as more dots are presented.