Origin destination exercise

First diagnostic wheel after a few sheets of practice. My LoD curriculum doesn’t arrive until tomorrow so I have just been practicing this with info I’ve gathered from previous posts. Any input welcome.


Great start my friend. Let’s treat this like a triage scenario. I would first focus on keeping your pencil on the paper (many lift off trying to be “light”. Second, try to be as light as possible. and THEN—third be straight. You can switch two and three based on how you feel you are performing—but first should always be keeping the tool to the surface. Focusing on this hierarchy seems to help people quite a bit.

Based on this wheel it looks like the 7-8 o’clock region is the most challenging for you. It was the same for me. Tackle this stroke orientation head on. The diagnostic wheel lets us plan a more effective focus for continued deliberate practice. Follow its lead! :slight_smile:

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Wheel two after sitting around and practicing for most of the day while movers packed up my house around me. I’m guessing they think I’m a little off playing connect the dots all day. This was a little awkward because it wasn’t done at my table easel but sitting on the floor propped against the wall. Still, there seems to be improvement.


There is definite improvement! That’s how all of this works. Now there will be moments of doubt, frustration and seeming backward motion along this path–but if you stay the course you will find your skills growing beyond your expectations.