A. Waichulis: Fireworks III WIP images

Hi all–Here are a few WIP images I shared on social media during the creation of “Fireworks III.” It is a new work that was painted for Principle Gallery’s upcoming Visiting Masters exhibition this November (2019.)

Fireworks III, 7x5", Oil on Panel

Some of you may have noticed the small fruit fly on the bottom on the painting. I have been adding these to many floral and fruit-themed work as an homage to Zeuxis (of Heraclea.) Zeuxis was a painter who flourished during the 5th century. Although his paintings have not survived, historical records state they were known for their realism, small scale, novel subject matter, and independent format. His technique created volumetric illusion through manipulating light and shadow, a change from the usual method of filling in shapes with flat color. Some accounts state that Zeuxis’ subjects were communicated in such a realistic fashion so as to fool nature itself. It was rumored that birds would take turns descending from the skies to peck at his renditions of fruit! By this account one may easily argue that Zeuxis may very well be the father of the Trompe L’oeil genre. As such, I am often tempted to add these little representations of nature being fooled by…representations of nature. I hope you enjoy it!


So, you are the reincarnation of Zeuxis then? :upside_down_face: He was BC, wasn’t he?

I am probably repeating myself here but your work is bloody awesome!


LOL! Yes–5th century BC. Thanks Peter! :heart:

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I always think of Anthony as a scientist who’s been reincarnated as an artist!

Such a pity about Zeuxis :frowning:

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