Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (05-28-2023)

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Debra Keirce and her two colleagues are continuing their travel shows - The Big and the Small of It and Artists Painting Stories. The next stop for The Big and the Small of It exhibit is the Customs House Museum, TN, and the Artists Painting Stories exhibit will be hosted by Deines Cultural Center, KS. For the schedule and more details, please visit DK Events. Debra is a member of Women.Artists.Masters group. This is a group on a collaborative journey made possible through the power of art. Their mission is to inspire collaboration.

Debra is teaching three more workshops this year. All will be aimed at helping artists, from beginner to advanced, to improve their ability to paint realistically.
For more information, please click the link below:
The Fabric of a Still Life Painting

Natalie has a series of workshops coming up as well.
BOSTON: Academy of Realist Art Boston - July 26-30th, 2023
BOULDER: Boulder Art Association - October 24-28th, 2023
SCOTTSDALE: Scottsdale Artists School - December 4-8th, 2023
Natalie’s painting workshops explore foundational oil painting skills through the genre of trompe l’oeil, where paintings deceive the eye by making a flat surface appear three-dimensional and hyper-realistic.

We spoke about several interesting news stories this past session.
Here are the ones that were mentioned:
Ruling Against Warhol Shouldn’t Hurt Artists. But It Might. (NYT subscription is needed to read the article)
Did the Supreme Court’s Warhol Decision Further Complicate Copyright Law?

Thank you, Alexandra Smith, for forwarding another interesting article involving copyright issues: The Untold Exploitation at the Heart of Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

On this note, Anthony mentioned two documentaries dealing with copyright issues that were rather interesting:
RiP! - A Remix Manifesto
Steal This Film

An interesting article involving one of Banksy’s murals:
Couple May Need to Pay $250,000 to Have Banksy Mural Removed from Their Home

Julie once again mentioned one of her favorite books: Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing by Margaret S. Livingstone.

We talked about places and times where shadows are virtually non-existent. Check out this fun video explaining what is Zero Shadow Day.

Less than week till DP 2023!
Roundtable member and professional graphic designer Mark McDermott created the first official t-shirt for the 2023 Diagnostic Painter. The t-shirt is available in his Etsy store, markonthesurface.
Mark generously gave his time and talents to design this shirt, and it would be awesome if everyone could support him by favoriting and following his store, liking items, and leaving a five star review.
Diagnostic Painter attendees get a 15% discount at checkout with the promo code ARTCAMP.

Congratulation! We did it! 20 weeks of Alla Prima challenges have come to an end this past Thursday. We cannot thank everyone that participated enough for keeping the session going strong.

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