Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (03-05-2023)

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Hi Guys! Sorry that the newsletter is a bit late this week. I took some time off from the studio (and Anthony) and went to Florida with my beautiful son Mahtvei. We went to the beach and Disney World - we had a blast!

Congratulations to Debra Keirce! Three of her paintings (Unhooked, 12x16", Oil on Panel, K9 Hoist, 16x20", Oil on Panel, and Protecting the Endangered, 16x20, Oil on Panel) were juried into the US Coast Guard Art Program 2023 collection. After a rear admiral accepts them on July 13th, Debra will have a total of eight paintings in the Coast Guard permanent Collection! Quite an accomplishment!

With an evening Zoom discussion coming up (see info below) hosted by Anthony and artist/educator Ranjini Venkatachari regarding Art and Technologies, AI “art” again found its’ way into the conversation this week. Here’s some of the software that we mentioned:
Stable Diffusion
Dall-E 2

Do not miss the opportunity to be in Natalie Featherston’s presence. Natalie is giving an in-person Trompe L’oeil Painting workshop at the Academy of Realist Art, Boston. This workshop will explore foundational oil painting skills through the genre of trompe l’oeil, where paintings deceive the eye by making a flat surface appear three-dimensional and hyper-realistic. The formal elements of representational painting will be addressed such as form, value, color theory, drawing and composition, and practical studio tips, will also be included. Varnishing and making oil transfers, along with daily painting demos and PowerPoint presentations are an important part of the workshop. Natalie encourages each student to create their own compositions that inspire them, with a focus on what they’d like to explore one-on-one with her individual attention.

Check out the updated Art Competitions 2023 list on Smartermarx. This list is organic and will be updated as new opportunities are presented. If you have any competitions to add, please send Anya an email with details.

Thank you Debra Keirce, for recommending Brush Hog Brushes cleaner. This product is eco-friendly, made from nearly 90% recycled ingredients, has no harmful fumes to inhale, is non-flammable, safe for the studio, non-toxic for the skin and lungs, and extends the life of your brushes, and removes wet or dry oil paint.

There are still some good questions out there about AI Art/ Image Generators", the nature of the art experience, and how new technologies may impact existing art practices.
Consider joining Anthony, Ranjini, and a number of artists/creatives for what sure will be a super nerdy round table this March 16th. To join the conversation, please follow the LINK.

Anthony also mentioned that some platforms are banning AI images. Here are a few articles on that:
ArtStation is hiding images protesting AI art on the platform
Art Websites that banned AI art

The topic of NFTs also came up due to several of our members getting social media messages and comments regarding “NFT purchases” of their work. Anthony mentioned that NFTs can come with a good deal of legal issues that still aren’t quite worked out. Here’s a great video from Legal Eagle on the subject: NFTs Are Legally Problematic.

And speaking of legal matters, artist and Zoom roundtable superstar Natalie Featherston reminded us that a landmark decision on artist copyright may be coming down from the Supreme Court any day now. (Sorry about the potential paywall here): The Supreme Court May Force Us to Rethink 500 Years of Art

There is much buzz going on about the current Vermeer exhibition: Rijksmuseum Vermeer Show. For those that cannot make it out to Amsterdam OR just can’t get tickets—some good books have been recommended such as Vermeer Studies by Ivan Gaskell (Editor), Michiel Jonker (Editor).

Alla prima Challenges.

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