Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (05-25-2023)

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From all of us at ÀNI Art Academies, we wish all those observing a Happy 4th of July! Let this day be filled with joy, love, prosperity, and courage. Have a meaningful Freedom Day!

Debra’s Keirce interview with Laura Arango Baier is available to listen to! In this episode, Art That Makes Admirals Cry, Debra and Laura talk about marketing but also went down some fun rabbit holes in both of their art journeys.

Debra’s three paintings are in the 2023 Coast Guard Art Program Collection and will be part of the exhibitions at Salmagundi Club and Federal Hall this year. The inaugural exhibition of the 2023 collection at the Salmagundi Club will run from June 26 through July 28, 2023. The opening reception and acceptance ceremony will be held on July 13 at the club.

Congratulations to Lois Pluskey! Her painting Learning to Fly … Touch and Go was selected for the Art of the State 2023 exhibit. The exhibit will be hosted at The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and is scheduled to open on September 10, 2023.

Do not miss the new show at Robert Lange Studios - New Blood. The gallery has asked six of our favorite contemporary painters to create small bodies of work that represent their fresh and unique styles. You can marvel at Julie’s Beck works in person!

Check out this interesting new blog post from Julie - Getting to Know You: Blue Paint.

“The best way to really maximize your decision-making while painting is to know your paints like old friends. I recommend people “get familiar” with their tubed paints. Number two in my ongoing series of blog posts exploring comparisons between brands/paints in each color: The Blues

Summer Study Hall. Dates: 7/11/2023-8/22/2023. This class will be an open format. Each student can bring an existing project they want input on or start a new one. Each week will be crits, feedback, and discussion depending on each student’s need.

Color Bootcamp - A Practical Guide to Dynamic Color. Dates: 12/15/2023-12/17/2023. In this three-day in-person workshop (great for absolute beginners or veteran painters), we will dive into the complex world of color mixing, perception, and relationships.

The Fabric of Still Life Oil Painting - 8/3/2023 - 8/5/2023, Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center, Pennsylvania.
The Fabric of Still Life Oil Painting - 9/1/2023 - 9/3/2023, River Valley Arts Center, Arkansas.
The Fabric of Still Life Oil Painting - 9/13/2023 - 9/15/2023, Florence Thomas Art School, North Carolina

“Master artists have studied fabrics for centuries. When you learn to draw and paint the folds in fabric realistically, you are learning to “turn form” or paint realism. That means you are learning magic. In this, students will spend the exploring of different fabric textures and folds in a still life. By the end of the workshop, students will have learned the essential steps to creating a realistic painting. Students will be working from photographs provided by the teacher in order to focus on painting techniques instead of drawing.”

BOSTON: Academy of Realist Art Boston - July 26-30th, 2023
BOULDER: Boulder Art Association - October 24-28th, 2023
SCOTTSDALE: Scottsdale Artists School - December 4-8th, 2023
Natalie’s painting workshops explore foundational oil painting skills through the genre of trompe l’oeil, where paintings deceive the eye by making a flat surface appear three-dimensional and hyper-realistic.

This week Anthony mentioned a great resource to begin digging into actual research done on human responses to color, spatial orientation, and visual processing in the context of imagery. The site is The Visual Aesthetics and Perception Lab with lead researcher Stephen E. Palmer (Berkley). The laboratory focuses on behavioral studies of visual perception and aesthetics. They are especially interested in the perceptual organization in vision, contextual effects on local processing, the aesthetics of color and spatial arrangement, and the nature and order of visual processing. You can dig in HERE.

Also, in talking about the design for the 1000 words project, I mentioned a good framework for curriculum design. The site that it was originally available on (The National Academy for Academic Leadership) no longer exists, but I was able to track down a copy of the framework. It was titled, The National Academy for Academic Leadership: Curriculum Review (Diamond & Gardiner, 2000). I have made a Smartermarx post that contains the text as well as a link to a PDF. For those of you that are interested, I hope that you find it helpful!

Anthony tends not to recommend color symbolism, but it might be interesting to some. Check out the following articles to explore colors by culture.
Colour and cultural design considerations.
Colors: Emotions and Culture
Colours and Their Meanings Around the World

For artists who attended Diagnostic Painter 2023, and had a chance to try out the paint caps that Deborah Kommalan brought in, please send your comments, suggestions, and reviews to her HERE. The developer (who is Debbie’s nephew) wants to be sure of a quality product. For more information on the caps, please visit the STORE.

Due to severe weather in the Tulsa, OK area this last week, the Genesis and Genius exhibition at the Lovetts Gallery is being rescheduled for July 8th, opening at 10 AM CST.

The following is Frank Musto’s review of Anthony on Zoom…Enjoy :slight_smile:

Today I had the misfortune of enduring a truly dreadful talk about art that was nothing short of mind-numbing. Anthony, undoubtedly a master of obfuscation, managed to cram an impressive array of big words into his monotonous ramblings, but unfortunately, these words seemed to lack any substantive meaning. It was a tiresome exercise in pretentiousness, as he attempted to impress us with convoluted jargon, yet failed to convey any profound insights or thought-provoking ideas. Instead, the talk spiraled into an abyss of vacuous verbosity, leaving me longing for an ounce of genuine substance or an engaging perspective. It was an excruciating 2-hour experience that epitomized the epitome of banality, an artless display of empty rhetoric. Thank you for wasting my valuable time, Anthony.

In between our bi-weekly Artist Round Table Sessions feel free to come and join the discussions on Smartermarx.