Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (09-08-2021)

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(This newsletter will be short as Anya is currently on vacation and I’m doing my best to keep up!)

Thank you everyone for the great discussion regarding copyright issues. This was the passage that I mentioned that I shared in a similar discussion on George O’Hanlon’s Best Painting Practices FB Forum:

Restoration work undertaken on an artwork can result in claims for damages by the artist or the copyright holder. Such restorations might be well-intentioned. However, due to the alterations induced by the materials or techniques, the surface or body of the artwork might not be as intended by the artist. Conservation work and its techniques are based on the principle of minimal intervention with the artwork, therefore resulting in little to no alteration of the artwork and the artist’s intent. The rights of the artist are hence respected. Owners, conservators, and restorers or artworks that intend to maintain, conserve, or restore a piece, are best advised to acquire written permission from the copyright holder that the techniques applied are in line with that artist’s intention for the artwork.”
An Easy Guide to Care for Sculpture and Antique Art Collections: Copyright and Law in Conservation and Restoration (Page 86) by Robert B. Faltermeier (2014)

Additional links to interesting cases brought up by colleagues Jamie Lindholm and Jayne Couch:

This week there was quite a bit of talk about oiling out. For those that are unfamiliar with the process, we have a few good articles and links on Smartermarx:

Here are the links to the materials that were mentioned during this discussion:

Maroger Italilan Wax Medium: Old Masters Maroger Italian Wax: Medium of the Venetian Masters
Natural Pigment’s Oleogel: Shop Natural Pigments - Oleogel | Rublev Colours Oleogel Medium
Rubelev Vacuum-Bodied Linseed Oil: Shop Natural Pigments - Vacuum Bodied Linseed Oil | Rublev Colours Vacuum Bodied Linseed Oil
Stand Oil (I could not find the Conservator’s Products brand that Julie mentioned so I’m including a link to Dick Blick’s assortment):
Rubelev Regalrez: Regalrez 1094

For those that may be attending Illuxcon this year, I will be presenting a lecture titled " The Realistic Imagination: Communicating Novelty with the Familiar " on Thursday, Oct. 21st - 3 to 5pm.

" Originality has long been a goal for the artist—yet it seems that the majority of positive aesthetic responses to visual art are rooted in cognitive fluency (how easily something is recognized or processed cognitively.) This odd dichotomy might seem even more challenging for the imaginative realist—yet many artists in the genre have, and continue to, masterfully balance these factors with great success. Please join me for an exploration of some of the key factors worth your consideration within your own efforts to balance the novel and the familiar. "

For more information please visit:

Big congratulations go out to artist Jamie Lindholm (now represented by the Sugarlift Gallery) for landing one of her recent works, The Interconnectedness of Liberty, Justice and Pursuit of Happiness, in the Allied Artists of America’s 108th Annual Juried Show currently on exhibit at New York’s celebrated Salmagundi Club!

Please welcome the newest member of Artist Round Table - Lorena Pugh. An award-winning artist and illustrator, Lorena Pugh graduated in 1980 from the Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Lorena has received numerous accolades for her artwork, including the Award of Merit from the Society of Illustration and Communication Arts Award of Excellence for several consecutive years. She is an elected member of Salmagundi and the Oil Painters of America clubs.
On September 11th and 12th, 11 a.m to 3 p.m, she is having an open house at her art studio, located along the Narragansett Bay, RI. For more information on the open house, please contact Lorena HERE.

Me waiting for Anya to come back.

Hi Guys, I would like to let you know that I will be out of the studio starting Labor Day weekend and coming back the last week of September. I am finally going to the motherland and bringing my son to meet his Russian grandparents. Due to the Covid pandemic, we were unable to make this trip earlier, and I was hoping we will get there before he starts growing armpit hair :slight_smile: And it is happening!!! There will be a break in the zoom follow-up newsletters, but you will receive a double dose of news when I am back. Please keep emailing me all your news, information, achievements, finished or sold work, shows participation, etc, after each session in September. I am leaving Anthony to his own devices. I hope I will come back to the studio intact and Anthony alive :slight_smile:

In between our bi-weekly Artist Round Table Sessions feel free to come and join the discussions on Smartermarx.