Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (11-14-2021)

Greetings, you are receiving this newsletter because you are registered for our Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Sessions. We will be sending a follow-up newsletter like this after each session to highlight the key points discussed during the roundtable. Thanksgiving is coming! May you all enjoy a giant feast and the good company of friends and family on Thanksgiving day! Happy Holiday!

Show Reminder:
Jamie’s Lindholm painting The Interconnectedness of Life and Environment (36x18.5", Oil on Polyester Canvas mounted on board) is at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art for the 5th Annual National Juried Exhibition. The painting was juried into the show by Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. The show will run from November 4th till December 31st.

Congratulations to Deborah Kommalan! Five of her works are included in the show titled 21 Artists in ‘21. The exhibition is held by Crystal Moll Gallery, Baltimore, MD. The show will open on how November 23rd and run through January 14th.

We are excited for Natalie Featherston to be a part of the Maxwell’s Alexander Gallery Black Friday Exhibition. Over 100 pieces of original art will be available exclusively at Nearly all work is priced under $2500. Natalie’s two paintings, Happy Trails and Sleeping Under Stars (both Oil on Panel, 11x14"), will be up for grabs. Make sure to check it out on November 26th, 2021, at 9 a.m PT/ 12 p.m ET.

An exciting new collaboration for Natalie! She is participating in an auction to raise support for rescue dogs in early December (date TBD). This collaboration is with Instagram celebrity Mork Skywalker, a dog who was rescued from the back of a meat truck headed to the slaughterhouse in China. He’s living his best life in California now. Mork is on a mission to share love and wonder. His rescue group, Road Dogs Rescue, saves and supports dogs, including many special needs puppies. The collaboration involves dogs making glitter paw prints on canvas paper, and then artists are asked to create a painting using the dog’s art as inspiration.
Above is the image of Mork Skywalker, and below is a pup by the name Mugshot, who helped make the glitter paw prints. Natali’s piece is titled In the Love Garden (Oil on canvas paper mounted to board, 9x12") will be auctioned off in early December. Stay tuned for the date!

Julie Beck is a part of the Annual Holiday show at Susan Powell Fine Art Gallery, Madison, CT. The show displays eighty oils and pastels works by twenty-six award-winning artists. On view will be numerous subjects, including still lifes, landscapes, seascapes, florals, and trompe l’oeil. The Annual Holiday Show runs through January 12th, 2022 - make sure to check it out!

We would like to extend our condolences to Debra Keirce. A dear friend and colleague, Linda Wacaster, passed away earlier this month. Debra and Linda worked on multiple shows together; please check out Linda’s work for their History of North Carolina Exhibition . Linda’s passion for art was also profound. Starting early in her adult life, she taught herself to paint and pursued education with the modern-day masters to learn from the best. Through all these pursuits, she became a master artist in her own right. She painted hundreds of paintings as she pursued excellence in her style, quality, and content. Her artwork has been enjoyed by many. She won many awards and recognition in the art world. She shared her expertise with others through teaching art classes.

A topic of style guides came up this week: how to cite titles of artworks on social media and websites with an emphasis on rich text formatting. The two most common styles are the AP Style Manual and the Chicago Manual of Style/CMOS (although there are others like the American Association of Art Editors.) Natalie reached out to Phil Freshman, the founder of the Association of Art Editors, and here is what he had to say;
“Titles of artworks, books, and exhibitions are to be italicized in all formal contexts, such as on exhibition labels and in books. The rulebook here, as in almost any area, is the Chicago Manual of Style. The fact that Facebook and Instagram don’t have features that enable italicization doesn’t mean much. Magazines and newspapers put various titles in quotation marks, and that’s considered journalistic, or AP, style.”
For the Style Guide of the Association of Art Editors, please follow HERE.

Books mentioned this week in regard to Eye Tracking:
Eye Movements, and Vision by Alfred Yarbus (FREE ONLINE VERSION)
First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art by Dan Hill

Congratulations to Julie Beck on making her biggest sale!
Not My Circus

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