Complete Pressure Scales 1 Black and White

Hello everyone,

I just completed my black and white pressure scales. This was a struggle and felt like quite the beating. I worked on the first nine pressure scales (from the top right corner to the top left corner + the bottom two on the right side). After realising that I had a lot of black and grey in my pressure scales, I watched the Dan Christian demo, and completed the last five (bottom left). I think the last five have more of a balanced gradation. Thoughts?

@AWaichulis , would you suggest that I redo the black and white pressure scales or attempt to better my technique with the colour pressure scales? I’m thinking since it’s still pressure scales, I can try to improve my execution with the colour pressure scales. Or do you think it would be more beneficial to redo the black and white pressure scales. I’m open to either way forward. Thanks.

Hey Richard!!!

So wonderful to see that you are still making great progress. It looks like your surface is handled well but I cant really see the transitions due to the glare. Can you please take a better pic without the glare and perhaps a close up or two? I want to make I am giving you the best feedback that I can. Thanks in advance!

Hello Anthony!!!

Thank you. I look the images below in artificial light as it is still early morning this side. Please let me know if I should take them in natural light.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been failing to upload more images. I’ll try again later.

Hey @AWaichulis Do the above pictures work? Or should I take a photo in natural light? Thanks.