Martin - Full Value Pressure Scale

Managing to make progress now, smooth side of the paper. I couldn’t get a great light for a photo but hopefully you can see enough to catch any problems. The first couple I noticed weren’t long enough and corrected from then on.

Close up section:-


@AWaichulis in doing these pressure scales (and all exercises so far for that matter) I’ve been really conscious of not putting my hand on the paper at all to avoid the sticky charcoal patches it creates from my sweaty paw prints.

Now in seeing your rendering video with the grapes, I got the immediate idea that I could be using a piece of paper to prevent this and allow me to place my hand ostensibly on the paper surface which would then make pressure control far easier and I imagine from that closer pivot point - finer. But SHOULD I be doing this, I’ve managed so far hovering like a hawk and just being super careful with the pencil point which is to me quite taxing, but I could easily be going faster and smoother with the palmrest option - I know it’s not designed to be easy, so which approach would you best recommend for the purposes of the LoD?


First off–just like the white scales I just looked at—these look great so far. Honestly they are on par with any one of the artists on this phase in the studio. Keep your focus on consistency and efficiency will be sure to follow.

As to the surface protection/interaction. You can definitely use paper if you like in the manner I did with the painting video (some occasionally do it here for the exercises—but more so gradation blocks and patterns.) The issue with using it with the pressure scales–which consistently produce heavy pressure regions–will likely leave quite a mess (in the form of big build up lines where the paper is acting like a framing gutter.)

The way your doing it really seems to be working fine-but again, the paper may be a good option for later exercises.


bumpy side completed:-

full sheet picture is not brilliant with lighting, a close-up:-

I’m on babysitting duty this weekend so may not get much else done for a bit, might try paint some grapes though :slight_smile:

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it’s been a while…

smooth side close up.

contrast is a bit rubbish in zoomed out photo, anyway, bumps next!

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bumpy side done…

and a random close up for better detail/contrast:-

had a bit of a time constraint/rush to do these, and consistency in width and length went out the window somewhat, but I’m fairly happy controlling the value gradation so going to move to phase 2 and see how I get on with the refinements. Promise i’ll come back and do another sheet or two of these if I suck.


These are looking great Martin!

It’s been a while…
phase 2:-

this sheet took a long time to come together (even though I can output a value scale a lot quicker) so there was no real consistency or repetition going on, I’ll sort this going forward. Also had an issue with the paper billowing out and moving as I was working, I need more tape or longer clips/clamps or something, I’ll figure this out too. I also ran out of space for another line, so will change orientation and/or cut the paper with that in mind in future. Lots of learning still :slight_smile:

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I managed to steal enough time to fill the reverse in one session today, bumpy side:-

And a close-up section to catch any problems:-

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These are looking really good. The very, very final taper of dark can be a hair lighter but the inward-taper or ramp into white is perfect. Perhaps it’s nearing that time to jump into the final phase???

progress on the final phase:-
smooth side

bumpy side knocked out during today’s artist round-table (awesome as always):-


I still see I could afford to get lighter on the dark tapers, having said that, the fades do look better in real life, the camera is enhancing contrast in sub-par lighting. Getting better though!

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Yes on the dark tapers but still–overall you are killing it. I think you are in the zone to move onto a gradation block. How is your confidence level at this point (in regard to pressure control and deliberate value application)?

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I’m gonna do one more of these sheets and really focus on the dark tapers and then I think I’ll be happy :slight_smile: - I’m pretty confident with my pressure control and hitting my target values now thanks to these little beauties and man I am so keen to get stuck into gradation blocks, will report back!

here’s a new sheet I did last night to convince myself I can move to gradation blocks.

And close up:-
:slight_smile: gradation blocks next!