"Don't Be Shy"

This is a commission for a shoe lover from a few years ago. I said ‘grab your favourite pair of shoes’. It was a lot more than expected but I enjoyed the challenge. Oil on panel 16"x16"


Holy Moly! What a great piece. I absolutely love the reflective canonical “spikes” on the front of each shoe. I’ll have to show this to the students that whine through our cone wheel exercise. LOL! Seriously though, another brilliant work Mark. :heart:

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Thanks Anthony! I made the mistake of counting how many spikes there were after having painted about 15. Not a good idea. I’m sure you get that when I finished the spikes I was super glad I didn’t have to do any more but missed painting them too.

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This is awesome. Just maybe would be cool if there was a mouse sitting in one of the shoes. :wink:


I’ll leave the mice to Stuart Dunkel :slight_smile:


Had never heard of him so I had to look him up!

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One thing I forgot to explain was that by having the title “don’t be shy” I’m anthropomorphizing the shoes, imbuing them with a human trait. If I were to add an animal or anything else, it would remove that aspect. I try to go for complicated simplicity :slight_smile:

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