"Splash", pastel on Pastelmat, 11x11"

Just completed this one. The paper was tricky so I would like to know what you think about it. Done with pastel pencils and Blockx pastel sticks. I hope you all are safe and healthy and thank you for looking.


amazing, all those overlapping shadows and different edges are handled so well. super nice work.

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I love it. What is it about the paper that you’re not sure about? I totally get that it’s paper. One thing I’ve notice you are very good at is textures. I love the theme of toys in your work!


Thanks so much Martin!! :smile:

Thank you Alexandra, I am glad you like it! I love this series too. These paintings make me happy, a feeling we really need these days…

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This is amazing work as always, great job.

As for feedback (please just disregard if you don’t want it :grin:), I could be completely wrong but I wonder if the paper is too contrasty? would reducing the contrast between lights and shadows give it a slightly more realistic look (it’s pretty good as is)??? Just a thought.

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Hi Craig, to be honest I am not as happy with this one as with other pastels. It’s a 11x11". It’s hard to make it as realistic as I would like cause everything is too small, also I have not as many pastels as I would like to make all colors exactly as in photo. In general I make changes when I can’t make something exactly the way it is. I think I started kinda wrong with it and I struggled a lot so after a point I just wanted to finish it lol! Posting the photo and my work. I am grateful for your critique, it’s always welcome cause it will help in the next one. I am not anxious though to draw another crumpled paper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (iPhone shot).


I thought you would be itching to try again with what you had the most trouble with :grin:. I wouldn’t either but the things we have the most trouble with are the ones we should practice, no? I never follow my own advice though either and usually run as fast as I can.

Warning: I’m sure you are aware of the differences between but just want to point out what I see in case you haven’t/don’t. I usually find that sometimes I can’t see the most obvious flaws until they are pointed out, then I bash my head against a wall for being so stupidly blind :joy:. So please take this with a grain of salt.

I think the paper values probably need to move as a whole, the lights appear to bright but the shadows don’t appear dark enough. Having said that I still think the values need to compress as well, some of the highlights are really contrasty next to the shadows.

The paper colour you did is quite cold compared to the photo. This improbably where you are limited the most with your pastels. I’ve never used them so shouldn’t really comment here, just wanted to point out the hue difference.

Having said all that, it’s still a fantastic job and I only wish I could doe something like that painting, let alone using pastels (trying to layer a limit palette to get a full range of colour must be a nightmare).

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see the next one.


So kind of you to take the time to point out the differences, I really appreciate this. I usually see the differences but I am most of the times happy with the result so I don’t find it important to stick to the photo. I mean I just want to have fun painting. In this case as I told you I had a hard time. I wasn’t happy with it and I just wanted to finish it. I must admit that I was tempted to leave it, lol! Well, you know how it works, sometimes we succesfully complete an artwork and some other times we find it so hard. I wasn’t in the best mood anyway at that time. I promise to try to understand your suggestions so I won’t do the same mistakes again. I won’t work on this one though, I have already framed it. Wishing you a creative and safe summer!

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I apologise if I offended in anyway. I don’t fix either (even though I should) but like someone to post out the issues I can’t see so that I can use that understanding in the next one. Definitely wasn’t saying anything was wrong as choices have to be made when you paint. It is a marvellous painting as is and I wish I had those skills. Can’t wait for the next one and please tag me when you post it if you think of it, unless you don’t want me critiquing :grin:.

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I just love your work, Irene- it’s so fun and playful; and technically well done!!:heartpulse:

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Thank you Tracy, I am glad you like it. It was fun painting it. :relaxed:

Another stunner Irene!

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Thank you Barbara!! I am glad you like it. :blush:

Awesome painting Irene! Love how you handled the comics!

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Thanks so much my dear Nanci!!