DRAWING:PHOTOS: Eye Demo by Timothy Jahn

As we develop our confidence and control in drawing, our subjects become ever more complex. This can lead to fear and anxiety. Keep in mind that no matter how complex the subject our drawing procedure remains constant. Often when someone new to drawing is faced with a subject that is outside of there comfort range they will drastically alter their working procedure. This changing of procedure will create a myriad of problems. One of the things we focus on at Ani Art Academies is developing a consistent and efficient working procedure.

In this step-by-step drawing of an eye we get a chance to see how the basic procedure employed is the same one we used in the gradation block exercise at the beginning of the program.

The objective of the first step is to loosely define in line where all of the major forms, form shadows and cast shadows are located.

In step two, all of the shadows are established. Care is taken not to burnish the paper in anticipation of later refinement.

The third step is the most crucial. Working off of the shadow shapes we begin to lay in the tapers of charcoal that will become our halftones. Many beginners do not take enough care in laying the tapers down at there appropriate strength. Another common mistake is being careless in application, which can lead to burnishes or major breaks/gaps in transitions. Careful study and practice during the early exercises will correct all of these problems.

The final stage is taking the drawing to the desired finish. Using pressure control and multi directional strokes the drawing begins to come alive. Each edge and transition of value is carefully considered and brought to the appropriate level of finish.

-Timothy Jahn