Eye-Hand Coordination exercise from Carson Grubaugh

Be sure to watch to the end!

Carson Grubaugh: "Here is an exercise I am trying to perfect. Get a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Place the pen on the paper. Without lifting the pen or looking at the paper try to synchronize the motion of the pen on the paper with the motion of your eyes as they follow the cursor around the screen. It should be one, continuous, unbroken motion.

This is something I am experimenting with for my drawing classes so please let me know what your experience was. I am worried I drew too fast too keep up with, but also worry that going too slow will make the exercise too lengthy for comfort. I would LOVE to see photos of the results."

Carson Grubaugh obtained BA’s in both art and philosophy from the University of California Berkeley in 2007. In 2011 Carson graduated from the Cranbrook Academy of Art with an MFA in Painting. He currently serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Painting at Old Dominion University and an Adjunct Professor at Modesto Junior College. For more infomration on Carson please visit: http://hodtech.net/

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I am an occupational therapist by trade, and in no way feel qualified to comment on anyone’s art or teaching of such. I only aspire to learn . I can, however, offer some insight into what I think you are trying to accomplish with this exercise. If vision is not included in the creation of the line (watching the hand create also) then it is proprioception that will guide the hand to create what it sees from visual input or where it needs to go. This is the awareness of where our body parts are and what they are doing or need to do with vision occluded (not looking at them). It is a sensory task from input from the joints (receptors). The sharper these are, the more accurate the hand/finger (body part) will be able to be. (they tell us direction, pressure, ect) Enhancing this in addition would increase the success in this. Thank you

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A brilliant insight Janine. Thank you so much. Contributions like this from our community really increase the opportunity to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with exercises like this.

I look forward to reading more contributions from you!

PS-Happy New Year!


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