Earth Spirit, Elijah

I am doing this portrait to submit to a show as well asput in as a sample for portraits inc. I love painting everything and the hardest thing for me is traditional portraits, so I try to make it fun. Elijah is an 11 year old kid that has such a spiritual connection like his parents. A sweet but ethereal boy.

Here is my work I progress in stages… started it 10 days ago but really only have about 40-50 hours in. The cool necklace goes in at the end… not painted in yet.


Wow, you’re really killing it Nanci! Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing these excellent wip shots— :smiley:

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Thank you so much Anthony:) I want to schedule myself one day a week to do the language of drawing and language of painting. Your shape replication exercises helped me think not only angles and proportion but the shape of the boy and then break it down. In y head, I consistently think of it. So a thank you again:-)

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