Exercise one: origin destination Page 2 side a and b

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should i try some shape replications?

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Good morning Patrick! The lines look great. I would however encourage you to try and be as light as possible moving forward where such line-work is concerned. The reason is that we want any early line-work within a drawing endeavor—whether it be a visual survey, a cartoon, envelope, etc…—to be able to be absorbed into subsequent tonal applications with as little value/lightness impact as possible.

If you feel that you can control the lines and be lighter in the application—I would definitely recommend moving on to shape replications!

i tried some shape replications last night and they looked crappy so ill be doing at least a page of lines a day and attempt shape replications for at least 3 weeks… im hoping i can record 20-100 hours on this section and be finished by October 1st. not sure if i should post daily, i dont see any daily posts from fellows like myself starting out.

thanks for the feedback


Sounds good Patrick! You can post as often as you like. Whenever you need feedback just let me know. I am very happy to review your efforts and assist however I can.

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