Origin destination lines

Hello. I am quite new to this website and still figuring it out but I have been working on the first excericise of the curriculum and wanted to know what I need to change for I have
done more that 3 sheets but feel I am not at the point of moving to the next step.


These are looking good, nice and straight, and light pressure, well done. Some directions you may find are a more difficult (you can focus on those more if you feel the need), so this is a great start.

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Thank you! I will keep working on it I appreciate the help!

Greetings Riordan! Sorry for the delay in getting to you on this—but somehow I missed it.

I agree with Martin. The lines look straight, light and confident. You do not seem to be wavering at the start or end, your weight is relatively consistent across the line, and you seem to be hitting your mark consistently.

What I cannot comment on is your actual level of confidence and how much concentration is required for the performance shown here. Remember that when you move forward, new concerns will enter your working memory so you want to make sure that your line-work is not a great draw on that resource. Only you can truly know the weight of those factors. But with that said----with what is observable here----I think you are ready to tackle some shape replication.

Keep us posted!

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Thank you that helped a lot I appreciate it. I will for sure keep you posted

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