Finished Cube Drawing

Finished this up last night, going to move onto the wheel today. I couldn’t get the lighting like the video but this is what I was seeing…


Great stuff!

Nice light structure and material handling Al (as always). There is a bit of an issue with the shape of the top plane. The “back” (top-most edges) does not correspond to the front (top and bottom) edges. In fact—the back lines diverge instead of converge. I edited the image to show the problematic divergence and how you might later those back lines to better correspond with rest of the cube in this orientation/perspective.


Thanks Anthony! Yup I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out now that is all I can see. I think it was pretty close when I laid it out but got to the rendering part and got caught up with the fun stuff and didn’t double check. I’ve done that before you are bringing the two areas together and you bump into the one too much to get a clean line then next thing you know you messed it up.

Thanks again for your critique and your amazing eye!

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